European Training Curriculum
For Restoration Workers
Learning Platform RE-VET Project
RE-VET Project
European Training Curriculum
For Restoration Workers
Learning Platform

Re-Vet Project

The quality of the restoration work is directly affected by the competencies of the workers at the construction site. Workers without the necessary skills, knowledge, or sensitivity tend to make irreversible mistakes in the conservation and restoration of architectural heritage. The fundamental competencies of these workers are often not fully developed because the training provided to these workers is often in basic construction skills, not restoration skills. It is difficult to find qualified workers for restorations in almost all European countries. Skills and qualifications in Europe are not transparent and consistent with each other.

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31.12.2020 – 30.12.2023

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This project aims to provide training opportunities to develop the competencies of workers in conservation/restoration fields through an online platform. The training will be planned as a European Curriculum to contribute to the transparency of skills and qualifications. The Skills Platform to be developed with this project will enable the development of educational content in an innovative and sustainable way and the provision, implementation, and updating of certain skills. Personal skills will be supported through this platform and the training contents developed in line with the demand in the labor market.

REVET project 2nd International Project Meeting was held on 4-5 April in Valladolid, Spain, hosted by the project partner INFODEF. In the meeting, firstly, information was given about the progress of the project. The duration...
One of the main aims of the European project RE-VET is to define an online learning platform addressed to craftspeople who work on the Architectural Heritage. The project’s goal is to increase the quality in...

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Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

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